The home for the movers and shakers of tomorrow is in Potsdam: Our Industry 4.0 Center offers entrepreneurs, researchers and educational institutions the opportunity to shape the future.

A worldwide unique opportunity for an encounter with the future

Research platform, demonstration platform and test track as a hybrid laboratory environment: We are already showing today what will be technically possible, especially how self-organising business processes look and what the role of humans is in them. How can new technologies be applied, which new processes will be created and how can technology be adapted to people?

The right solution for every future scenario

We help companies decide what digitisation means for future competitiveness and use the insights to drive our research. Our research focus:

  • Networked objects with comprehensive software capabilities
  • Emergent behaviour and its management and control
  • Flexible adaptation to changing conditions
  • Interaction of artificial and natural intelligence
Roboter im Industrie 4.0 Zentrum

The Center for Industry 4.0

The Center for Industry 4.0 is unique in the German-speaking world because it combines automation technology, logistics, robotics as well as operational application systems in a running learning factory. Real technology in logistics, robotics and IT is used to visually and haptically illustrate almost any scenario of future value creation processes by means of simulated machines and workpieces. As a network institution, we bring together experts from interdisciplinary fields to illuminate novel products and production approaches from the customer's point of view.


Making technological progress tangible, identifying trends and further developing relevant concepts. With a focus on design, we demonstrate tomorrow's applications in a laboratory setting - an approach that holds promising results for production facilities.


The Centre for Industry 4.0 acts as a network institution and brings together experts from interdisciplinary fields. We are a platform that explores and develops new concepts, trends and technologies internationally with research and practice partners.


We overcome technological and social barriers for users and decision-makers. In our hybrid simulation environment, we test the cost-efficient and low-effort use of new types of machines, software and production approaches in the Industrie 4.0 context.

Network Institution Center Industry 4.0