07/2019 Proceedings

Pousttchi, Key | Gleiß, Alexander | Buzzi, Benedikt | Kohlhagen, Marco

Technology Impact Types for Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is based on direct and indirect effects of the application of digital technologies and techniques on organizational and economic conditions on the one hand and new products and services on the other. Its impact can be distinguished in three dimensions: value creation model, value proposition model and customer interaction model. The paper provides a generic model that helps exploring potential cause-effect relationships between the application of digital technologies and their impact on a company along the three dimensions. Based on 75 case studies, the outcome is threefold: (1) a systematic categorization of digital technologies, (2) a set of 10 detailed impact types of digital transformation along with their subgroups, and (3) a coherent model of technologies, causes and impact types along the three dimensions of digital transformation.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Pousttchi, Key; Gleiß, Alexander; Buzzi, Benedikt; Kohlhagen, Marco
Erscheinungsort Moscow
Datum 07/2019
Konferenztitel Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Conference on Business Informatics
pp. 1 - 11
Keywords digital transformation, digitalization, technology impact, digital technologies, ICT