01/2020 Proceedings

Haase, Jennifer | Matthiessen, Julia | Schueffler, Arnulf | Kluge, Annette

Retentivity beats prior knowledge as predictor for the acquisition and adaptation of new production processes


In the time of digitalization the demand for organizational change is rising and demands ways to cope with fundamental changes on the organizational as well as individual level. As a basis, learning and forgetting mechanisms need to be understood in order to guide a change process efficiently and successfully. Our research aims to get a better understanding of individual differences and mechanisms in the change context by performing an experiment where individuals learn and later re-learn a complex production process using a simulation setting. The individual’s performance, as well as retentivity and prior knowledge is assessed. Our results show that higher retentivity goes along with better learning and forgetting performances. Prior knowledge did not reveal such relation to the learning and forgetting performances. The influence of age and gender is discussed in detail.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Haase, Jennifer; Matthiessen, Julia; Schueffler, Arnulf; Kluge, Annette
Datum 01/2020
Verlag Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences