01/2020 Proceedings

Grum, Marcus

Managing Human and Artificial Knowledge Bearers - The Creation of a Symbiotic Knowledge Management Approach


Aspartofthedigitization,theroleofartificialsystemsasnewactorsin knowledge-intensive processes requires to recognize them as a new form of knowl- edge bearers side by side with traditional knowledge bearers, such as individuals, groups, organizations. By now, artificial intelligence (AI) methods were used in knowledge management (KM) for knowledge discovery, for the reinterpreting of information, and recent works focus on the studying of different AI technologies implementation for knowledge management, like big data, ontology-based meth- ods and intelligent agents [1]. However, a lack of holistic management approach is present, that considers artificial systems as knowledge bearers. The paper there- fore designs a new kind of KM approach, that integrates the technical level of knowledge and manifests as Neuronal KM (NKM). Superimposing traditional KM approaches with the NKM, the Symbiotic Knowledge Management (SKM) is conceptualized furthermore, so that human as well as artificial kinds of knowledge bearers can be managed as symbiosis. First use cases demonstrate the new KM, NKM and SKM approaches in a proof-of-concept and exemplify their differences.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Grum, Marcus
Datum 01/2020
Konferenztitel Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD 2020)
Keywords Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Neuronal Systems, Design of Knowledge-Driven Systems, Symbiotic System Design