12/2013 Proceedings

Weber, Nadja | Vladova, Gergana | Heinze, Priscilla

Internal and external network structure and innovation capability


The potential of open innovation to increase innovation capacity has been discussed for some time. In this context, the relationship networks of enterprises are of central importance, since they influence the generation of new ideas and innovations. While large companies have already been using their relationship networks in a structured way, relationships in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have more informal and unstructured nature. The paper provides an insight into the work of a research project on the interrelation between relationship networks and innovation capacity of SMEs. As a result it introduces a software tool under development and a management approach that enables the design and control of the relationship structures in terms of innovation.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Weber, Nadja; Vladova, Gergana; Heinze, Priscilla
Bandtitel ISPIM 2013
Datum 12/2013