11/2012 Proceedings

Theuer, Hanna

Analysis of Correlation of Lean and Autonomous Production Processes


Nowadays many producing companies are confronted with the aim of a high flexibility and adaptability. To handle these demands it is necessary to rethink the processes. Initial stages for a solution might have organizational or technological character. Lean Production helps companies to reduce non-value-adding times in production and thereby improve it. Autonomous technologies enable a company to shift the decision making from a central to a decentral stage. This may cause a faster and more flexible decision making. This article presents an approach to analyze the correlation of lean and autonomous production processes. Therefore the Value Stream Design method is extended by autonomous needs. This includes a graphical adjustment as well as the usage of a data dictionary. Additionally the key figure „Autonomy Index“ is introduced. This enables a analysis and evaluation of processes towards their suitability of an autonomous design. The correlation Lean and Autonomy Index is examined.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Theuer, Hanna
Bandtitel FAIM 2012, 22nd International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing
Datum 11/2012
pp. 523-530
Keywords Autonomy, Value Stream Design, Decentalized Production Control