12/2022 Journal contributions

Bender, Benedict | Lewandowski, Stefanie

Potential of Platform-Based Business Models in the Plastics Industry


The potential of platform-based business models in the context of Industry 4.0 has not yet been fully realized. Approaches for platforms and ecosystem- based value creation vary between industries. The plastics industry has so far been widely ignored in this respect. Due to its industrial structure, in particular the uniform value creation structures, the plastics industry is suitable for digital platforms. In addition to approaches for platforms in the injection molding industry, the article offers a procedure model for the expansion of established business models. This can facilitate the entry into the field of platform-based business models for SMEs.

Category Journal contributions
Authors Bender, Benedict; Lewandowski, Stefanie
Journal Industrie 4.0 Management
Date 12/2022
Volume 38
Edition 6
pp. 14-18
Publisher Gito
DOI 10.30844/IM_22-6_14-18
Keywords digital platforms, platform-based business models, plastics industry, platform ecosystem, potentials, Industry 4.0