06/2020 Buchbeiträge

Mishra, Vidisha | Vladova, Gergana

It’s Personal: 4IR and the Future of Learning


As the gap between the digital and the physical world cedes, it is time to evaluate the very process of learning and identify the ways in which technology can help reduce existing disparities and can enhance digital literacy and fluency in a scalable manner. In this context, the chapter analyses the status quo of online learning in India and Germany in the context of the 4IR. Drawing on the experiences of the two economies with distinct trajectories of digitalization, the chapter explores how the implications of new technologies intersect with traditional education. Further, the limitations and opportunities presented by dominant ed-tech models is critically analysed against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Kategorie Buchbeiträge
Autoren Mishra, Vidisha; Vladova, Gergana
Bandtitel The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Impact on Ethics: Solving the Challenges of the Agenda 2030
Chairs/Hrsg. Miller, Katharina; Wendt, Karen
Datum 06/2020
Verlag Springer International Publishing
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-57020-0
Keywords education, digitalisation, Germany, India, Industry 4.0, COVID-19
ISBN 978-3-030-57020-0