Research Institutions LSWI

Excellent research needs excellent scientific institutions

Excellent research can only develop where the framework conditions are right. That is why the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems has unique research centers that have long been an international center of attraction for research and application. Answers to social and economic challenges posed by digitization are often found in the interaction between highly specialized academic environments. In this context, our Industry 4.0 Research and Application Center in particular offers a simulation environment that is unique in the German-speaking world and combines automation technology, logistics, robotics and operational application systems in a runnable learning factory. The technological and knowledge knowledge findings from research are bundled within our Center for Enterprise Research (CER) and made available for practical application. Together with our international cooperation partners and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, we seek an open exchange of ideas so that we can shape the digital change in science for our common good.

ERP Trend Report

Are you interested in the ERP trend report for your specific industry? We are happy to send you the full version for trade, professional services or manufacturing industry.